Getting Less for more


Vancouver - People will be stuck in traffic for another decade waiting for a new George Massey Tunnel, which the NDP government has just announced.


You'll pay more for less as the NDP restarts a project that costs $1.55 billion more and is 20% smaller than the replacement bridge they cancelled, planned by the BC Liberals, which would have opened next year.


As a MLA, transportation critic for the BC Liberal opposition caucus, and candidate for the leadership of our party, I’ve spoken with so many British Columbians about their essential infrastructure needs - including on my recent summer campaign tour which visited communities from Port Alberni to Fort Nelson and Cranbrook to Prince Rupert.


Project delays, excessively high costs, and poor judgment contribute to a lack of trust in our politics today. Whether the NDP government is delaying infrastructure upgrades, waiting too long to declare a state of emergency on wildfires, not taking action to protect British Columbians during heat waves, or are simply out of office at the worst possible moments (like the Premier’s vacation to Nova Scotia while mass wildfire evacuations are taking place), this BC NDP team has consistently shown us that they are incapable of managing our province since being elected. They are spending more of your tax dollars to get you worse outcomes.


I’m committed to truly listening and restoring trust in our politics as I rebuild our BC Liberal Party. Join our movement as we build a party that can once again bring fiscal responsibility to our government and get more done for all British Columbians.


We must not let the BC NDP drag our province down any longer.  Visit my website to get involved and contact me at to share your input about issues affecting your region.


Hope to hear from you,

Michael Lee


About Michael

Michael Lee is a BC Liberal Party leadership candidate and the MLA for Vancouver-Langara. Before entering politics, Michael was a prominent business lawyer in Vancouver, where he worked for 20 years with forestry, mining, energy, and technology companies across BC. He also has a strong record of community service for over 30 years, including with social service, educational, and children and youth organizations. A son of immigrants, Michael was born and raised in Vancouver. He and his wife Christina have three young adult children.


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