I'm clear on my inclusive values


Inclusion matters and our BC Liberal Party needs to be a place where intolerant views are not welcome. I'm clear on what I stand for: creating a party and province where people from all walks of life are respected, valued, and empowered. 

Last week, I called on the BC Liberal Party to reject the potential candidacy of Aaron Gunn and any individuals who share intolerant views, and uphold our party's inclusive values. I also asked my fellow candidates to speak up publicly and disavow the intolerant views he has shared, which include concerning statements about Indigenous reconciliation, gender equality, and other essential topics related to the rebuilding of our party. 

Today, the BC Liberal Party made an important decision to reject the candidacy of Mr. Gunn.

Among the six candidates who have been given the green light to run, I know that we share an interest in creating a more inclusive BC Liberal Party. We cannot rebuild a successful political movement, nor do what's right for BC, without a real commitment to diversity and inclusion.

I've backed up that commitment with substance, with my statements regarding intolerance in the leadership process, my vision for our party, and my willingness to face difficult issues head-on - like this one - because it's the right thing to do. Over the past week, I was the only candidate to condemn his intolerant views publicly.

I'm grateful to the party for making this difficult decision after providing a fair process to Mr. Gunn. And I urge my fellow candidates to speak up against intolerance, wherever and whenever it may emerge during this leadership race. We cannot continue to remain silent on issues of inclusion. This is too important for our party, our province, and people's everyday lives.

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Michael Lee


About Michael

Michael Lee is a BC Liberal Party leadership candidate and the MLA for Vancouver-Langara. Before entering politics, Michael was a prominent business lawyer in Vancouver, where he worked for 20 years with forestry, mining, energy, and technology companies across BC. He also has a strong record of community service for over 30 years, including with social service, educational, and children and youth organizations. A son of immigrants, Michael was born and raised in Vancouver. He and his wife Christina have three young adult children.


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