Lee, one of seven BC Liberal leadership candidates, visits Kamloops


KAMLOOPS — With four months before the BC Liberal Party choses its new leader, candidates have been making their way around the province. On Wednesday, Michael Lee made an appearance in Kamloops.

Lee is one of seven leadership candidates vying for head of the BC Liberals. He met with local MLAs Todd Stone and Peter Milobar at Cafe Motivo downtown. After the Liberals lost 13 seats in last year’s provincial election, Lee hopes to revive the party.

“I think it’s about how do we get the party to move forward for what British Columbians need,” he said. “That’s an understanding in terms of our resource economy and strength. I’ve been a lawyer for 20 years, working with mining — companies like New Gold — forestry companies, energy companies like BC Hydro, and technology companies as well. We need a leader who understands how do we continue to use that resource base and lower our carbon footprint, but move forward with the province in partnership with First Nations.”

Lee says there are many issues facing the province, namely affordability. He aims to help younger people, or anyone, who may be struggling.

“Affordability spans the whole spectrum. Childcare — having affordable childcare and accessible childcare. Ensuring we are getting the right housing supply in communities as we grow,” noted Lee. “I’ve spent a lot of time in Kamloops before with my family. We have some very close friends here. Coming up here for recreational activities like skiing and golfing. I know that Kamloops is a growing community. It’s a hub for the region. We need to support communities.”

The BC Liberal Party will choose its new leader on Feb. 5.


About Michael

Michael Lee is a BC Liberal Party leadership candidate and the MLA for Vancouver-Langara. Before entering politics, Michael was a prominent business lawyer in Vancouver, where he worked for 20 years with forestry, mining, energy, and technology companies across BC. He also has a strong record of community service for over 30 years, including with social service, educational, and children and youth organizations. A son of immigrants, Michael was born and raised in Vancouver. He and his wife Christina have three young adult children.


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